Polo Vaccinations- Update for 2022

Current vaccination regulations relating to Equine Influenza can be found at www.hpa-polo.co.uk/welfare. All ponies must be compliant to be allowed onto HPA-affiliated premises, so it’s worth taking the time to check! In brief, all ponies (and Umpire ponies) may play after a primary course (first and second dose 21-92 days (3 weeks-3 months) apart). This should then be followed by a first booster at 150-215 days (5-7 months) and subsequent boosters within 1 calendar year of the last dose; or, if the previous booster was given in March/April, then within this window. IN ADDITION, ponies must have received a vaccine dose (2nd dose of primary course or a booster) within the previous 6 months +21 days to attend HPA-affiliated premises. Ponies that have fallen outside this window (but still within the primary course + booster criteria) are eligible to play 2 days after receiving a vaccine dose.